Why I prefer solid wood furniture.

I realized that there is a lack of good furniture and cabinets today. There are many factory produced low quality furniture which may appear cheap and affordable. Many of them are constructed from compressed wood chips which self destruct when they come in contact with moisture. They are also generally not durable. Ultimately, it would be more value for money to buy quality furniture that last, than to be constantly changing furniture. Many would argue that you’ll constantly have new furniture at home, but why buy furniture with the intent of throwing it away?

Cabinets and furniture today are covered by a paper or foil laminate giving the place an artificial plastic feel. The use of laminate enables the designer to set a style by using colours to make the room brighter or give it a slick sophisticated modern look. But these lack the warmth that is much needed to turn a house into a home. Solid wood furniture brings with it a natural warmth that makes the room cosy, relaxing and inviting. No spa resort would use plastic chairs, why would I do so in my home?

Furniture made of solid wood will last a long time. Well constructed solid wood furniture can be expected to last more than a hundred years. It may be a bookcase I give to my children at a significant milestone of their lives, such as entering university, and they’ll use it, show it and talk about it to their children and grandchildren. These may also be antiques in future.

I custom make my furniture. Off the shelf factory produced solid wood furniture are quality controlled to be of the same shade and colour, and generally of the same design and the same type of wood. Buy a few of these and we’ll feel like we live in a furniture store. Custom made furniture allow some variation with the natural wood tone and grain pattern. To relax, would you go to the seaside to watch boats of different size and colour or a carpark filled with shinny new cars of the same colour? For me, its the former, why would I decorate my home like a carpark?

Custom made furniture maximizes space. Space is expensive in Singapore today. A piece of furniture 10 centimeters  short is 10 centimeters of expensive air. 10 centimeters could be the thickness of 5 books, multiply it by the number of shelves in a bookcase and you’ll realize what you are wasting.

The problem with today’s furniture is the lack of good quality solid wood furniture which makes the home warm, inviting and relaxing; a heaven to return to after a day’s work, yet economical in the long run. Custom made furniture provides sufficient variation to make the room interesting and maximises the use of space.   That’s why I prefer to make my own furniture.


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