I started woodworking as a hobby in 2007 when I got married and lived apart from my parents. My workshop was a balcony in my apartment.  The workshop furniture were an Ikea pine table and a Black and Decker foldable workbench. The tools I had were a 750W hammer drill, a jig saw, a circular saw, a sander (all from Bosch), a few F-clamps,  and two screw drivers.

With these basic tools I finished an INVAR shelving unit from Ikea. The shelving unit came unfinished, made of bare pine. I also bought the BEHANDLA stain. I sanded the unit with the sander to 240 grit. The first layer of BEHANDLA stain was easy to apply with a brush. The second layer was difficult to apply. The wood doesn’t seem to “soak it in”. There were brush marks and overlapping marks everywhere. It may be my poor skill as this is my first project but I was quite clear I didn’t like the stain.

I then sanded it down and applied another coat before topping it off with two coats of polyurethane varnish. The finish product looks like this.

I also had to remove some wood where the doors of the cupboard meet. The doors were overlapping one another and hard as I tried, I was unable to adjust it such that they meet nicely. Another thing that could be improved is the grain selection. Look at the photo of the door. Surely with pine, a better grain selection is possible.

This shelf has been with me since 2007 as it was my first woodworking project. I think the quality of the shelving is not too bad. The shelving hasn’t sagged in 5 years and look at the amount of stuff I placed on it. I think this is one of the advantages of using solid wood.

In my subsequent posts, I’ll be describing my woodworking journey by going from one project to another. I may put in my opinion about certain products but I would like to clarify that it could also be due to my skills which is expected to be lower when starting out in a new hobby.


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