Conterra INFINITY PRO Modular Medical bag for sale (S$190)

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I’m selling the above bag (used) for $190, cash on delivery in Singapore. I’m willing to ship it to neighbouring countries as well on request. Contact: or tel: 81258424

The Infinity pro is a compact pack that can hold a lot of supplies as seen in the fourth picture. I used it for BLS but it works well in ALS too. Medical supplies are NOT included.

The Pro folds out to reveal two large zippered compartments and a smaller compartment. In the smaller compartment, I hold a pair of gloves and my EMT shears. The first large compartment is large enough to hold my BP set, pulse oxymeter, thermometer, glucometer and a packet of gloves. The second large compartment holds my roller bandages, trauma dressings, SAM splint, triangular bandages and burn dressing.

Directly behind these are slots which I placed my Ambu suction, CPR mask, stetoscope, band aid plasters, alcohol swaps, hand rub, patient assessment forms, as well a disposable raincoat.

The other side of the Pro zips open to reveal a fully padded pocket lined with rip and stick compatible fabric. The pack comes with two strips of loops which you can rearrange. I use it to hold my oral airways, instruments and normal saline ampules.

The padded side also has two built in clear pockets, and four pull out rip and stick tabs. The large pocket holds a whole lot of gauze, cotton, melolin, tapes, targaderm and such. The smaller one is used for medication.

When both sides of the Pro are open, the center divider stands vertically for ease of use. Perfect when using it in an ambulance or at a medical post. Once open, everything is accessible like a jump kit. To keep, it takes less than 10secs to zip up the back and do the clips at the front.

I use this as a volunteer with St John Ambulance. It is small enough to hold it on your waist and run with it. It is large enough to hold all the supplies that you need including a C collar. There’s a slot to tuck in the waist straps which an Ambu adjustable C collar fits just right.  Medical supplies shown not included. Color: red/black Size: 9” x 15“ x 7”

The reflective stip has faded with used. All other parts are working fine. No tears and zippers are smooth. I bought this from Remote medical in the US which includes freight. I will be happy to provide free delivery in the East or central Singapore.

This is an excellent bag which you can take for hikes, or as a Daily carry. This bag has seen action when I did medical cover for F1 races and other events. I could clip on this kit on my waist and run, sling it across my shoulder and run or carry it by the handle and run. Nothing has dropped out. It has never let me down. The only reason why I’m selling this is because I bought a D size oxygen tank  which obviously can’t fit into this pouch.

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