Lap tray with AAC holder

A sixteen year old gentleman with cerebral palsy uses a laptray in his school for children with special needs. The laptray is used for holding his food, and books in class or when items need to be placed in front of him.

He is also unable to vocalise his needs due to his condition. He was prescribed with an alternative and augmentative communication device (AAC). A way of storing his device was needed. It should allow him to store the device when it is not in use (eg when he travelling/ driving his wheelchair) but be readily avaliable when he wants to talk. It should also be at a suitable work angle to allow him access to the keys.

The solution I came up with was in a form of a laptray. It is slightly longer than those you get off the shelf. Space is given for him to place his book or food nearer to him. Farther from him is a box that will come up from under the table surface. It tilts to approximately 60 degrees when held up by the stand from the Dynavox. When it is not in used, the Dynavox stand is lowered and the box goes under the table top. An additional top is used to cover the Dynavox when it is stored to protect it from spills, drizzles, etc.



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