Tool chest made simple

Isometric view of the tool chect
Tool chest with drawers open

The four drawers are of different sizes. No drawer guide that waste space.

Country style tool chest with uneven staining of drawer front for a country style look.
Front view of tool chest

4 drawers of differing sizes help organise my tools well

I was thinking how am I to organise the tools my workplace have acquired. The person before me simply kept all the tools in a drawer. It was a maga mess. I had some plywood left over from another project and decided that a four drawer tool chest might be the answer.

The tool chest should have a tray on top of it that I can leave the tool in it without fear that it would roll off the top and stab me in my foot! The drawers ride on invisible runners that save space. Cost was kept low by drilling holes to make the pull handles for the drawer.

All holes are in alignment for that neat look. Now a new home for tools that can be kept safely, brought out to the worksite, and great looking too.


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