Opened drawer with dovetail sides and solid front.

Dovetail drawers

Kapur drawers in a white carcass on wheels. Chrome pull handles

My tool chest

Picture of flat bench top with a M ten 7 inch vice

Bench top, dog holes and vice


That part on top is actually what’s going to be a drawer.

I made this workbench sometime last year or the year before. The bench is made from solid Kapur wood. It measures 4 feet wide and 2 feet across. The top is a solid top with 3/4 dog holes to hold pieces for planning.

The legs are 10 centimeters by 15 centimeters thick giving it a really heavy base. There was a mistake on one of the legs and I tried to save money by gluing up 6 pieces of smaller timber to make up the thickness. The glue up was A LOT lighter than the solid piece.

The legs are held together by mortise and tennon joinery. There are 2 rails on each side. The one at the bottom is done in mortise tennon. Believe me, you wouldn’t want to do M&T in a 6 inch piece of wood. So for the top, I cut a dado and then glue and screw the rail there.

The two ends are held by another mortise and tennon at the back. This one is not glued. It would allow the bench to be taken apart.

The top is held to the legs with M&T. The top was simply dropped down. Using this construction, the bench can be taken apart and transported in 3 pieces: The top, the two sides and the back rail. I was hoping that one day I can have a real studio workshop doing my hobby as


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