Greene and Greene inspired stool prototype

wooden sool 399

This year’s woodworking workplan include a set of 2 stools and a tea table.  Also on my list is a set of bathroom medicine cabinet and vanity. So keep a lookout for my post on my bathroom furniture.

The above photos show the prototype of the stool which I intend to make this year. The actual product will be made of Burmese Teak. The stool measures 45cm (17.7 inches ) high  and 35.5 (14inches) in diameter while the table will be 80cm (31.5 inches) high and 50cm (19.5 inches) in diameter .

I would like feedback on the design. Ignore the workmanship and finishing this time. This is only a prototype and I do not intend to waste time sanding and finishing it. The main purpose is to try out the stability and comfort of the final product.

Thank you for giving your comments on the design.



  1. You might want to put a cloudlift in the supports below the seat, a”waterfall” stepback might work, and soften the angle of the lower cloudlift,

  2. The overall design looks great. I can’t tell from the picture, what kind of joinery are you using? If using mortise and tenons with dowels, you could consider drawbored mortise and tenon joints for added strength.

    1. I did it with a router and chiselled the end square. It was the standard tennon mortise joint for the lower rails. The upper rails are bridle joint. Yes, I agree that drawboring is an excellent idea. Thanks for the suggesstion.

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