Easter Church Furniture in Singapore.

Wooden Greene and Greene Table with bowl

Baptismal font. The table was inspired by Greene and Greene. You can’t see it but the top rail has cloud lifts on it. It’s made of Burmese Teak, very good Teak. Inlayed with purpleheart. finished with 5 layers of varnish and a coat of wax

Baptismal font

In this photo, the purpleheart inlay is clearer.


This is what it’s all about….


Easter deco, the effort of Holy Family’s Art Ministry.

Easter Fire Stand

Made of Kapur wood using Mortise and Tennon Joinery. A bit of an overkill for a simple stand like this but the joinery will last a long while. Finish is also five coats of varnish and a layer of wax.

These photos were taken with my iPhone as I was setting up the stuff today. Will get you better photos next time when I have a bit more time for a photo shoot. Any comments about the design. Questions and comments about their construction are also welcome.

Happy Easter.



    1. Thank you Woodworker2. It is a fairly close grain timber so it gives a very smooth finish. But the cost is crazy: S$46 per board foot, that works out to about USD35 per board foot! The wood is also very dense, ie very heavy. It is resinous but takes glue well. Will be making a tea table and stool set in the same design. So stay tune.

      1. Hello there. What a stumble, I attend HFC as well. Was looking furnishing for my place and being a hands on person wanted to make stuff myself. Should really visit you folks at the ministry. 🙂

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