Study Table

I thought it was about time I got myself a new study table. The old one was a standard compressed wood one the was discarded by the person I bought my flat from.

My brief was simple. I wanted a lot of storage, since my table top is always such a mess. I need as many drawers as I could possibly have. I have a plank of Kapur left over from another project, so I just got to use that up.

I did the drawers first. The carcass was put together with proud fingerjoints. A common Greene and Greene feature. The drawer pulls were inspired by Darrel Pert. I used the design technique that Darrel shared somewhere (can’t recall where I read it). He said to look at a design for inspiration, go do something else for a week or so, then come back and design your own design. I found my drawer pull to be somewhat different from what Darrel’s, although it was easy to see where the inspiration came from. The drawers are all made of solid pine except the base. I could have put it some proud finger joints on the drawer front but didn’t. It would have been better if I did.

The table itself is of frame and panel construction. The legs are glued up pieces, really bulky. They are too thick in proportion to the top. To make them appear slimmer, without compromising strength, I shaped the two exposed sides to a slight convex. The panels are pine wood stained elbony and then sanded down. They got the cloud lift design. I felt that this would give it some contrast  to the frame but still blend it with the frame.

The table top is Kapur wood framed by pine. I also installed a  keyboard drawer so that the height of the keyboard fits my body.


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